Set Apart Women

Welcome to Set Apart Women. We exist to connect women to Jesus, one another and go link arms to live the great commission. We are here to exhort and empower women to live ALL in for Jesus.


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About Us

We are seeing God move in person and online like never before. His hand is upon this ministry and our desire is to listen and obey His incredible leadership. If you are looking for women who have laid down their lives to follow Jesus... welcome home. 

Jamie Lyn started Set Apart Podcast in 2019 and at the end of 2021 felt the prompting to change it to Set Apart Women (sorry dudes). From there the Lord encouraged Jamie Lyn to created what she needed during that season because there were other women who needed it too. After praying for someone to run with for YEARS her cousin, Candace Hart popped into the picture and these two women have been running together ever since. 

Now, Set Apart Women have online and in person community getting equipped, growing in friendship, experiencing the tangible presence of God, getting transformed and going out into the world courageously to live the great commission. 

God is just asking you to give Him your entire life so that you might find what it is you've been crying out for.

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